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to the world's largest Golden-inspired website! Since 1997 we have strived to help others strengthen and proactively lengthen the bond. Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit additionally provides cancer treatment grants for working dogs and funds research in comparative oncology.

Online or via pickup, we provide organic, eco-friendly, and chemical-free products, plus items to beautify your home and spirit. As a volunteer-run nonprofit (no paid staff), 100% of our net proceeds fund cancer research and cancer treatment for working dogs. See our fabulous *EXCLUSIVE JEWELRY* for both yourself and the treasured people in your life. Sit, stay & shop for what truly matters — health, home, happiness and healing.

Gabriel "Baby Gaby" entered this world on November 8, 2013. Quite the boy, we've been experimenting with lots of new items and decided to create this page to share our favorite (can't live without them) finds. Baby Gaby's Exclusive Dried 100% Organic, Kosher & Gluten-Free Mango, Healthy Dogma Blissful Banana Crisps, Bob-A-Lot Treat Ball, VIP Tuffy MEGA, Ultimate & Junior Series Toys, and Doggie Walk Dog Butler & Pickup Bags.

At this new PUPPY TIME page we also detail all the oldies but goodies that we've been shouting about for ages. They are ALL currently being used with the boy.

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A once-in-a-lifetime story starring Carolyn Scott & Rookie.
  Tibetan Prayer Flags
Let nature's breeze heal your sadness.
With bonus gift.
  Elan . . . a Vigorous Spirit
Unique keepsake personalized pet stones and flowering seeded cards.
Elaine Seamans Remembrance Kits
Whimsically designed boxed silver coin & flower seeds.
  Cherish and Commemorate
Candles, life celebration kits, 28 Days of Grief & Healing Audio Book.
  Keepsake Urns
Personalized wood & ceramic creations paying homage to your loved one.
Dr. Hite's Dog Philosophy
"Buster" books, two dedicated to the Land of PureGold.
With bonus gift.
  Emotional Lives and Souls
Books of contemplation and discovery.
With bonus gift.
  Books to Help with Loss
Great memorial kit w/book, journal & cards.
With bonus gift.


Leba III Dental Herbal Spray
Stimulates enzymes in saliva, cleaning away plaque buildup.

  Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
Sockeye, highest omega-3s and orange antioxidant astaxanthin!
  Solution for Dogs & People
Joint health for dogs and facial gems for us made with Hyaluronic Acid (HA).
100% Organic Healing Honey
Treats for health and immune issues, including pancreatitis.
  PURE Single Ingredient Pet Treats 
Beef, chicken, venison, lamb, turkey, salmon, sweet potato, cheddar.
  Alaskan Tuna & Salmon
Vital Choice Wild Alaskan Red Sockeye & troll-caught Albacore.
Colorado Elk Antler Chews
Free-ranging, ranch raised elk shed these naturally, one lasts months.
  USA/USDA Bravo Bully Sticks
Free-range, grass fed, no radiation, no antibiotics, no hormones.
  Himalayan Dog Chews  
Lasting dairy chew & NEW puff nuggets. Ancient Nepal recipe.
Organic Sweet Potato
Oregon sweet potato chips or with Hemp Chews.
  Max & Ruffy's 100% Organic 
Vegan, gluten & grain-free, in seven fabulous flavors
  Primal Pet Organic Treats 
Organic chicken and organic honey nibs.
Fabulous Ingredient Treats
Dog treats with lots of organic ingredients.
  Dog Cakes & Recipes
Organic dog treat cookbooks and personalized carrot cakes.
  Ceramics & Tins with Biscuits
Fun tins plus Phyllis Driscoll Ceramics filled with Snook's Sweet Potato Biscuits.


Chemical-Free Grooming
facial/ear washes, fur/paw conditioners, massage oils, candles.

  Handmade Bull-hide Leads
No working in of leather, twisted wonders immediately luxurious.
  Motivational Dog Gear
Incredible tugs, wood puzzles, plush toys, and more.
Skoy Cleanup Cloths
Absorbent re-usable earth friendly cloths perfect to use everywhere.

  Ladybug Systems w/ TANCS
Research proven. Now have a healthy home, not just a clean one.
  Chuckit! Fetch Games
Fun, functional, innovative, and high-quality interactive play toys.
Mimi-Green Swiss Velvet Love
USA handmade collars, harnesses, leads, flowers & wristlets.
  SimplyFido Organic Toys
Chemical free 100% organic w/dye-free via Pure Water Wash.
  Legitimutt Leather Toys
Tugs made in USA, vegetable dye only, no glue or staples.
Bowsers for Dogs & Cats
Doormats, sofa pillows, memory foam beds, crate covers, diners & more.
  Mats & Super Shammy
Super-absorbent, durable, microfiber chenille for dirty or wet dogs.
   Travel in Style & Comfort
Car hammocks/covers, backseat barrier, lifejacket, and more.
Gold Paw Fleece Coats
Great feel & fit, 5 seconds to slip on, w/stretchy 7% spandex.
  BPA-Free Water Bottle/Bowl 
Human grade 18/8 Stainless Steel, lid is the bowl, w/carrying sling.
Esquivel & Fees Jewelry
Handcrafted in solid silver, gold or gold vermeil. See our*exclusive* line!
  Fun & Magical Adornments
Elaine Seamans' sterling silver rings and whimsical faerie items.
  Chapman Wood Puzzles
Single piece of wood cut into 3-D interlocking puzzled sculptures.
Michael Park Collection
Hand-carved/painted USA breed products & gifts for 146 breeds!
  Stephen Huneck Art & Gifts
Whimsical Giclée art prints, teeshirts, cap, and mats.
  Ron Hevener Collectibles
Hand-cast, USA made figurines of 68 dog breeds. Also horses and cats.
Robert Rickard Studio
Vividly colored, handmade in the USA, pendulum clocks & wall art.
  Fred Stone Art & Gifts
Partners art and mug, dog and horse prints, canvas Gicleés and posters.
  Winged Messengers
Handcrafted with wings that flap with the breeze. We use indoors too.
Zeppa Gifts & Ceramics
Whimsical giftware and accessories featuring original art.
  Jacqueline's Originals Gifts & Collectibles
Hand-cast, USA made figurines of 150+ dog breeds, whimsical & practical gifts galore.
  Guatemalan Hand-Woven
Inspired by nature, colorful belts (4 us) and collars/leads (4 furkids).
Dog & Cat Themed Gifts
Whimsical sachets, pillows & matted prints.
  All Things Golden
Sueellen Ross art, Art Cards, plush, tins, frames, and stickers.