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Did you know that 63% of Americans own at least one companion animal, and sadly, most are virtually unprotected from toxic chemicals? In fact, studies have shown that the amount of toxics in blood and urine are many times higher in pets than humans.

Polluted Pets: High Levels of Toxic Industrial Chemicals Contaminate Cats And Dogs
By EWG's Olga Naidenko, Rebecca Sutton, Jane Houlihan, April 17, 2008

WASHINGTON – In the first study of its kind, Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that companion cats and dogs are polluted with even higher levels of many of the same synthetic industrial chemicals that researchers have recently found in people, including newborns.

In addition to being guardians, playmates and even beloved family members, dogs and cats may also be serving as sentinels for human health problems that can arise from exposures to industrial chemicals. In recognition of the unique roles that pets play in our lives, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) undertook a study to investigate the extent of exposures dogs and cats face to contaminants in our homes and outdoor environments. What we found was startling.

Dogs and cats were contaminated with 48 of 70 industrial chemicals tested, including 43 chemicals at levels higher than those typically found in people, according to our study of blood and urine from 20 dogs and 40 cats. Average levels of many chemicals were substantially higher in pets than is typical for people, with 2.4 times higher levels of stain-and grease-proof coatings (perfluorochemicals) in dogs, 23 times more fire retardants (PBDEs) in cats, and more than 5 times the amounts of mercury, compared to average levels in people found in national studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and EWG.

“Like humans, pets are also exposed to toxic chemicals on a daily basis, and as this investigation found, are contaminated at higher levels,” said Jane Houlihan, VP for Research at EWG. “The presence of chemicals in dogs and cats sounds a cautionary warning for the present and future health of children as well. This study demonstrating the chemical body burden of dogs and cats is a wake-up call for stronger safety standards from industrial chemical exposures that will protect all members of our families, including our pets.”

“This study is valuable in that it used pet animals that live in nearly fifty percent of all US households as environmental sentinels to measure the level of contamination with a wide variety of industrial chemicals that have also been shown to be present in human tissue. Because pet animals tend to have similar or higher concentrations of these chemicals in their body than humans, epidemiological studies of pets can be used to identify potential adverse health effects at a lower cost and in a much shorter period of time than it would take to perform similar studies in humans,” said Dr. Larry Glickman – a leading veterinarian and distinguished scientist who for the past three decades conducted research in veterinary epidemiology.

"This study shows that our pets are susceptible to the absorption of potentially harmful chemicals from our environment just as we are. Perhaps even more troubling is that these chemicals have been found in higher levels in pets than in humans implying potential harmful consequences for their health and well being and the need for further study," said Dr. John Billeter, DVM, the veterinarian who conducted the blood and urine tests.

Just as children ingest pollutants in tap water, play on lawns with pesticide residues, or breathe in an array of indoor air contaminants, so do their pets. But with there compressed lifespans, developing and aging seven or more times faster than children, pets also develop health problems much more rapidly. Pets, like infants and toddlers, have limited diets and play close to the floor, often licking the ground as well as their paws, greatly increasing both their exposures to chemicals and the resulting health risks. In America there are 8 times more companion dogs and cats than there are children under five. Seventy percent more households have dogs or cats than children of any age. These pets are often beloved family members, and yet they can be subjected to chronic, constant exposures to chemical contaminants in homes, yards, and parks that pet owners cannot always prevent.

Scientists Link Chemical Exposure to Increased Rates of Cancer, Other Diseases in Pets: Under current federal law, chemical companies do not have to prove chemicals are safe before they are used in products, including pet toys and other products for our companion animals. For pets as for people, the result is a body burden of complex mixtures of industrial chemicals never tested for safety. Health problems in pets span high rates of cancer in dogs and skyrocketing incidence of hyperthyroidism in cats. Genetic changes can't explain the increases in certain health problems among pets, leaving scientists to believe that chemical exposures play a significant role.

Learn more. Print Dr. Sophia Yin's article, The Canine in the Coal Mine: Pollutants take their toll on our dogs

Now, here's a product to lower exposure to toxins for the ENTIRE family ― furry or not. 

We have been searching and searching for years now for the best steam cleaner, one that will affect health as well as clean. And we are thrilled that we finally found a product that truly stands above all of the rest.

There is no need to even mention the many steam cleaners on the market, or even the steam vapor cleaners. And, there are many. But, the reason is this: it would be like comparing apples and oranges.

We learned about Health Intentional Cleaning, ONLY available through Advanced Vapor's TANCS® systems. Using roughly a quart of tap water per hour, their quiet, portable multi-purpose appliances create a high-heat, low-moisture vapor that thoroughly removes contaminants and leaves any surface free of chemical residue. ONLY Advanced Vapor's TANCS® system is backed by solid research.

Chuanwu Xi, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Health at the University of Michigan and his research team found that treated steam from a novel steam disinfection system utilizing TANCS® technology rapidly kills highly resistant biofilms with greater than 99.95 % killing efficiency in a 3 second treatment, and to a non-detectable level in a less than 10 second treatment. “Scientific studies have found that biofilms can be up to 1000 times more resistant to biocide inactivation than are suspended microbes,” said Dr. Xi. “It is extremely difficult to get rid of biofilms and kill them."

"The efficacy of the steam vapor system is important because even strong chemical disinfectants such as bleach when allowed 20 minutes of dwell time did not achieve the same degree of kill that the TANCS-equipped unit accomplished in three seconds. This device is one of the very promising technologies that combine both rapid physical dispersal and disinfection functions. The dry steam generated can easily break the barrier of biofilm structures and kill cells inside the biofilms. It also does so without polluting the environment or risk of creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria."

Background: Environmental surfaces in health care settings are often contaminated by microorganisms, and biofilms can develop on the surfaces in these settings. Steam vapor technology is of potential use for disinfection of biofilms on the environmental surfaces.

We tested the disinfection efficacy of a thermal-accelerated nanocrystal sanitation (TANCS)-equipped steam vapor technology against biofilms through disinfecting biofilms developed by 4 bacterial strains—Escherichia coli, Acinetobacter baumannii, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Staphylococcus aureus—on an identical test surface (i.e., polycarbonate) and biofilms developed by E coli on 4 different test surfaces: polycarbonate, rubber, stainless steel, and ceramics.

Results: Our data show that a 3-second steam treatment rapidly killed each biofilm tested (>99.95 % killing efficiency). For biofilms developed on different surfaces, 3-second steam treatment achieved 99.95% killing of E coli biofilms developed on different surfaces. Compared with chemical disinfection, steam treatment for <1 second a similar level of biofilm disinfection as provided by incubation with 10-ppm sodium hypochlorite (bleach) for 10-20 minutes of contact time.

Conclusions: Our data suggest that the TANCS-equipped steam vapor disinfection is an emerging and potentially useful technology for disinfecting biofilms on environmental surfaces. Published online March 13, 2012.

To truly understand, watch the video below. It may be a bit long, but it packs a very powerful message ;-)

You want your home to be clean, but the toxic chemicals in traditional cleansing agents may actually do more harm than good.

Advanced Vapor's innovative WATER ONLY cleansing process with TANCS® removes the dirt you can see and kills the germs you can't ― in one easy step. It even improves the quality of the air you breathe. What’s more, because the systems use only small amounts of water, treated surfaces are dry within minutes. And the whole process is virtually mess-free!

No superficial chemical or abrasive cleaners, harsh toxic fumes, or dulling chemical residue.

  • Safe for your family and pets.
  • Safe for the environment—no pouring toxic chemicals down the drain.
  • Effective on much more than carpets and floors. You can sanitize and deodorize nearly every surface in your home.


Ask not what your house is doing to your health. Ask what you can do for the health of your home.


This two-page form will awaken your prospects to the dangers posed by chemicals in common household cleaners. The first page explains the immediate harms of each product, including the "signal word" which indicates a product's level of toxicity. The second page explains the long-term dangers of exposure to the chemical vapors and residue these products leave in the air and on surfaces. Although information about long-term harms is not required to be on a product's warning label, it does appear on a product's Material Safety Data Sheet. While researching this publication, the author read hundreds of these sheets from dozens of manufacturers. All information contained on the Toxin Checklist came from actual Material Safety Data Sheets and from Poison Control Centers.

Advanced Vapor Technologies Offers Proven, Effective Method for Protecting Pets from Canine Parvovirus Disease
By Randy Zielsdorf, Advanced Vapor Technologies

Canine parvovirus, an extremely contagious disease, is currently the most common infectious disease affecting dogs in the US. Advanced Vapor Technologies, LLC of Everett, Washington offers a proven, effective method for killing C. parvo without toxic chemistries.

While dogs older than one year typically do not contract C. parvo, puppies are especially vulnerable, as are unvaccinated dogs. Infected dogs shed large amounts of the virus in the first two weeks after exposure, so protective measures and thorough surface disinfection are needed to protect uninfected animals.

C. parvo is widespread, hard to destroy and persists in an environment that has not been properly cleaned and disinfected. Indoors, the virus can be viable for up to one month. Outdoors, it can last in shaded areas for seven months and sunny areas for five months. It is also resistant to many household disinfectants. (Note: Though the use of bleach is common in kennel environments, it can be toxic, corrosive and has been linked to asthma in humans and reproductive problems in dogs.)

A safe and yet effective approach for dealing with this problem is the TANCS® equipped steam vapor sanitation system. Steam vapor cleaning employs low-pressure (15-20 PSI) steam ranging from 215-230 degrees to clean, sanitize and deodorize a variety of surfaces more thoroughly than traditional cleaning methods. New technology in steam vapor systems, Thermal Accelerated Nano Chrystal Sanitation (TANCS ®) converts ionic minerals in tap water into millions of energized nano-crystals that enable steam vapor to quickly destroy the C. parvo virus.

TANCS® is an ideal solution because it adheres to Green Cleaning principles, can sanitize carpets and non-colorfast items in addition to hard surfaces, and offers labor and cost savings. It also protects residents, workers, pets, and indoor environments from chemical exposure, and uses only a little water, reducing dry time. Steam vapor also penetrates areas that traditional cleaning methods cannot reach.

Most importantly, studies and tests have shown that steam vapor cleaning using TANCS® sanitizes surfaces at a higher effective level than traditional cleaning and is a proven method for killing microbes. In tests
done by Microbiotest and Nelson Laboratories for Advanced Vapor Technologies, a 7-second reduction of a number of organisms, including, Canine parvovirus and the Avian Flu virus.

With the highly infectious and hardy C. parvovirus ever present, pet owners and those in the pet industry must be careful in ensuring pet environments are clean and sanitary. TANCS® steam vapor is an easy, safe, efficient and cost-effective way to protect residents, workers, pets, and the indoor environment.


Chemical-free vapor steam cleaning with TANCS® . . . . Cleaner + Safer + Greener
According to Advanced Vapor Technologies, with Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation (TANCS®), their proprietary technology uses the naturally occurring minerals in tap water to form crystals. As these crystals pass through the boiler they gain energy from the heat. Then, when the water transforms into super-heated low-moisture steam, these energized crystals are accelerated along with the steam. This process helps disrupt the cell membrane, allowing lethal temperatures to quickly destroy the germs. This activity is confined to the surface being treated or cleaned and is lethal for germs and yet safe for you! With the TANCS® option, the system qualifies as a disinfection device for the US EPA, in addition to extending the life of the entire system.

This is not your grandmother’s clean—The case against bleach.

  • Carcinogenic
  • Oxidizes metals and destroys stainless steel, degrades grout & concrete
  • Ineffective if used on dirty surfaces
  • Rapidly degrades in sunlight and hot water, losing effectiveness
  • Most bleach products are not EPA-registered disinfectants
  • Is suspected to cause problems with fertility for chemically-sensitive humans and pets
  • Dangerous to human contact: eyes, skin, respiratory consequences

For years, bleach (sodium hypochlorite) has been mistakenly associated with an absolutely clean and disinfected surface. Today, scientists are becoming more aware of the limitations of chemical disinfectants and sanitizers. Recent studies investigating biofilms (microbe colonies present on many pieces of food processing equipment, for example) reveal that 60 minutes of exposure to bleach leaves as many live cells as dead cells in the biofilm matrix. This leads to rapid recolonization of the surface.

Studies show that sufficient heat as is present in the TANCS® steam vapor system will travel through the biofilm and kill the cells that are unreachable by the surface application of a germicide. All without degrading the surface you’re cleaning or impairing the air you’re breathing while you’re doing it!

Benefits of TANCS® technology:

  • Results are dramatic and virtually immediate.
  • Because the process is so effective, results last longer between cleanings.
  • Steam vapor reaches into microscopic pores where topical chemical applications and scrubbing would never reach.
  • Savings in time and effort.
  • Simplification of cleaning protocols— no disinfectant mixing, storage, disposal concerns, lengthy dwell time requirements, or confusing label directions.
  • Elimination and control of the biofilms that resist typical disinfectants.
  • Reduced chemical exposure risks.
  • Destruction of embedded bacteria and germs that cause lingering odor with traditional cleaning methods.
  • Minerals are utilized by TANCS® instead of building up on internal components. The resulting elimination of scale allows for an extended warranty on the steam boiler.
  • Disinfecting powers reach far beyond what you can see.

Continuous, no-wait water refill means you’re never out of steam. Your system is always ready to work when you are!
In Advanced Vapor Technologies' continuous-fill steam vapor system, a non-pressurized, non-heated water reservoir allows water to be added at any time. That means no downtime when the system needs water. No safety caps to worry about, no concern for adding water to a hot tank, no potential for overfilling the boiler. Plus, you get faster startup times. And, because water is injected into the boiler automatically as it is consumed, the independent boiler maintains steam even as water is added to the reservoir. As a result, this unique system has steam available, whenever you need it.

Advanced Vapor Technologies' products use heat—rather than chemicals or poisons—to do the work. The result? Not only will the surfaces you target get really clean, but your indoor air quality will improve too. But safety is only part of the story, because our appliances are highly versatile, effective, easy to use, and mess-free, too! Our satisfied customers will tell you…their homes look cleaner, they smell cleaner, they feel cleaner.

VERSATILE The versatility of the steam vapor system is unmatched by any other cleaning method. Its potential goes way beyond carpets and rugs to every area of your home, even places where traditional cleaning methods can’t reach!

EFFECTIVE Thanks to the finer mist and hotter temperature, dry steam offers greater penetration into surface area pores, blasting dirt and grime. Results are dramatic and immediate. Regular use over time with a TANCS® system results in a disinfection baseline that approaches sterilization! Because the TANCS® process is so effective, results last longer between cleanings.

EASY TO USE There’s no disinfectant mixing, storage, disposal concerns, lengthy dwell time requirements, or confusing label directions. With our continuous-fill units, water is added to a non-heated reservoir instead of the boiler. Unlike other systems, you can safely add water at any time while you work.

MESS-FREE Because our products produce high temperature “dry” steam vapor that carries only about 6% water, very little water is left behind. Surfaces are cool to the touch almost immediately and dry within minutes. The proprietary Ladybug® system is specially engineered for sustainable temperature and pressure, trapping the hot steam at the surface to remove the dirt. Relying on heat instead of high pressure means a more thorough clean with less mess.

The power of Advanced Vapor Technologies steam vapor technology cleans with 20-140 psi pressure and is one of the most effective ways to maintain certification standards. Only high temperature saturated steam can clean and sanitize the full surface, including the lowest points.
  • Heat melts the bond between the dirt and the surface
  • The moisture holds the dirt in suspension until it can be wiped away or vacuumed with the optional vacuum cleaner
  • Treated surfaces dry almost instantly
  • Is scientifically proven to be faster and more effective than chemical disinfectants to eradicate MRSA, VRE, C. difficile endospores and many more pathogens
  • Simplifies cleaning protocols with a non-consumptive high heat technology that uses only tap water
  • Improves the indoor environmental quality and reduces potential indoor hazards due to reduced chemical use

According to Advanced Vapor Technologies, unlike high powered vacuums or traditional steam cleaners, the Ladybug's steam vapor system can help you deep clean almost any surface in your home—even the cracks and crevices that are inaccessible to all, but steam vapor—without toxic chemicals. What's more, the system actually removes dirt, rather than spreading it all over a surface. It even removes residue left behind from old cleaning chemicals. And, unlike chemical methods, superheated vapor doesn't cover up odors; it removes them at their source, penetrating deep into all surfaces, including fabrics and carpets. This proven technology can also be safely used to remove mold, mildew, and other potential allergens in your home.

PETS While most only think of ingestion when it comes to pet poisoning, the inhalation of toxic fumes allows poisons to go directly into the bloodstream and quickly travel to the brain and major organs. Everyday house cleaners give off fumes that are quite dangerous, even more so for cats due to their constant licking and grooming of themselves. In addition, they are particularly sensitive to Pine-Sol and Lysol cleaners due to their containing phenols, a poison that cats cannot detoxify. In fact, inhaling these fumes can cause severe debilitating illness to your cat. Vapor cleaners do not create such fumes and are a perfect way to deal with pet hair, dander, and more. In fact, fleas, eggs and larvae are also killed by short-term exposure to high temperature (unlike chemicals, which have no effect on the eggs). Plus there are no poisons left behind to harm children, pets, or contaminate your indoor environment.

BREEDERS, KENNELS & VET OFFICES Dealing with Canine Parvovirus and MRSA is a major concern as removal of an infection can be quite difficult in these settings. Although past recommendations involved the use of a chlorine dilution, this chemical can be very harmful to companion animals, especially with respect to their reproductive systems. Instead, with a Ladybug steam cleaner equipped with TANCS, you now have the ONLY non-chemical
disinfection system certified effective by the EPA. These systems have been repeatedly tested by independent labs, clearly certified to eradicate both Canine Parvovirus and MRSA. Check out the test results here: Parovirus, MRSA 1 and MRSA 2.

FLOORS Clean baseboards and ceramic tile, hardwood and vinyl floors without getting on your hands and knees. No chemical residue is left behind and no caustic chlorine compounds coat the surface where kids and pets spend much of their time.

WALLS & CEILINGS Clean and freshen wainscot, walls and ceilings with out resorting to stools and ladders, or having to stoop and bend to clean lower areas. No need for drop clothes to cover surrounding furniture or equipment, or messy, heavy water buckets . The process is mess free, quiet and fast. Very quick to dry as well. Great for pre-paint cleaning, dust and mold removal.

CARPETS AND RUGS Freshen and deodorize carpets, rugs and mats and leave no chemical residue behind. Remove spots from spills, pet urine, chewing gum, even the existing toxic residue from traditional cleaning. Plus, heat sanitizes without over-wetting, so carpets dry in less than 15 minutes.

CAR Detail car interiors: upholstery, carpet, headliners, door panels, windows, infant seats, and vents—even chrome wheels. The steam vapor system removes tough odors and, because it uses so little water, there’s no lengthy drying time or musty smell from moisture being trapped inside the car.

KITCHEN With plenty of moisture and organic material lying about, your kitchen is a notorious playground for germs. The vapor system kills mold and mildew on contact. Thoroughly clean ovens, ranges, microwaves, and refrigerators, inside and out—without heavy scrubbing. Sanitize hard surfaces while removing dust, grease, grime and carbon. Remove residue from corners and crevices and target the source of contamination.

BATHROOM Keep your bathroom better than hospital-clean without harsh chlorine or ammonia! Sanitize and deodorize toilets, tile, grout, baseboards and vinyl floors. Get mirrors and glass to sparkle! Thoroughly clean vents, bathtubs, slow moving drains, fiberglass shower stalls, aluminum and chrome.

WINDOWS Clean windows, window tracks, mirrors, window screens, window frames, latches, and Leveler®-type blinds.

UPHOLSTERY AND MATTRESSES Freshen, deodorize, and brighten upholstered surfaces, remove spots, kill germs and dust mites in mattresses, remove pet hair and kill fleas and their eggs. Sanitize everything in a baby's nursery without harmful chemicals and detergents. Kill germs on toy surfaces, even stuffed animals!

OUTDOORS Remove fresh oil spots and spills on your driveway. Kill weeds & moss in pavement cracks without chemicals or pollutants. Clean tools, small equipment, sporting equipment, and outdoor decks, too. Remove algae and fungus from wood or metal and oxidation from aluminum. It’s also great for pre-paint prep work. Great on boats and RVs, too.

MISCELLANEOUS Our revolutionary steam vapor system also has many non-cleaning applications. You can defrost freezers, thaw frozen pipes, dust and mist live plants, and polish jewelry, to name just a few.

The Dust Mite R.I.P. The microscopic dust mite lives in our clothes, mattresses, carpets and upholstery and is responsible for a host of common allergic reactions. The traditional treatment—laundering the suspect item at a temperature of at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit, or treating it with a tannic acid solution—is difficult at best with carpets, couches, mattresses, or your best suit coat (which probably is the most highly contaminated).

Ladybug's dry steam vapor system spells doom for the poor mite, penetrating these surfaces with temperatures in excess of 220 degrees Fahrenheit —without over-wetting (important because these critters thrive in a humid environment). After treatment, vacuum thoroughly with a HEPA equipped vacuum to remove any particulate matter for a resounding death knell for your dust mite problems. An added bonus? Bedbugs are also killed by short-term exposure to high temperature (unlike chemicals, which have no effect on the eggs). Plus there are no poisons left behind to harm children, pets, or contaminate your indoor environment.

Ladybug Vapor Systems . . . taking care of the ones we love



Ladybug® 2300 — Has a
larger & hotter temperature
boiler to sustain higher
pressure and temperature
over longer periods of use.
Excellent for large homes
over 2500 square feet. Available with TANCS option. (We have this unit!)
Ladybug® 2200S — Has
compact footprint making
unit easy to carry up and
down the stairs and also
convenient to store. The
steam pressure gauge
helps you get the most out
of your system. Available
with TANCS option.


 Ladybug® Tekno 2350For
 all types of spaces, including
 business applications. Larger
 cold water reservoir and the
 availability of the trolley make
 this system perfect for a variety
 of jobs. TANCS is standard.


While the folks at Advanced Vapor Technologies granted us the opportunity to carry these units, we knew we could not easily provide servicing. However, the company wanted to be able to give back to our foundation given our love for their product line, and the philosophy behind their work.

Learn about the technology here and then get on over to the company's Advanced Vapor Technologies website to look into the three current models that all feature the fabulous MUST-HAVE TANCS® technology.

Here is how to support our foundation's mission.
Google the Ladybug Steam Cleaners online and check out the dozens of fine dealers carrying these units. You will see that the Ladybug Cleaners are fair traded. They typically can be purchased with free shipping and complimentary free kits. And, depending on the state in which you are ordering from, you can find dealers where your purchase will be tax-free.

Now call our man Randy.
Randy Zielsdorf is one of the wonderful folks at Advanced Vapor Technologies. He can be reached at their toll free number: 1-800-997-6584.

Only speak to Randy and tell him that Rochelle Lesser, from the Land of PureGold Foundation, sent you.

Randy will help you to understand exactly what you require for your setting. He will not try to get you to buy something you do not need. While the two models we were considering were close in price, he had us buy the lesser expensive one as he believed we would better appreciate its built on tool caddy and incredible array of accessories.

Randy will do right by those who come to him from our Land of PureGold Foundation site.
Randy Zielsdorf, understanding that many of our supporters have immune-compromised or suppressed dogs, knows just how important their care is. He will make sure if you are serious about having this unit in your home that you will receive the best price out there. And, he will be providing a 'finders fee' to our foundation for each sale that takes place as a result of our recommendation.



We simply adore this site. Check out their articles below. You may ask what is health intentional cleaning? Is it cleaning for health or cleaning for appearance. Well, that's your choice. Here is the difference.

  Cleaning performed for health purposes rather then only appearance
  A cleaning regiment that can be performed in a reasonable, timely manner so as to encourage cleaning in the first place
  Cleaning that disinfects or at least reduces the largest amount of the targeted bacteria in the area
  Cleaning achieved without the additional spread of harmful bacteria
  Cleaning performed with the fewest health risks for the cleaning personnel
  Cleaning performed with respect to preserving the health of the occupants
  Cleaning performed with a minimal amount of harmful residues left behind
  Cleaning that helps improve indoor air quality or at the very least does not add to the deterioration of the indoor air quality
  Cleaning performed with the least negative affect on the environment in general while also preserving natural resources
  Cleaning with results that can be scientifically measured