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Purchases help fund Comparative Oncology Research and Cancer Treatment Grants for Working Dogs 

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Online or via pickup, we provide organic, eco-friendly, and chemical-free products, plus items to beautify your home and spirit. As a small volunteer-run nonprofit, we can't compete with the pricing at large stores. However, having no paid staff allows all our net proceeds to fund cancer research and  treatment for working dogs. Sit, stay & shop for what truly matters — health, home, happiness and healing.



We have selected our favorite dog toys for throwing and tugging, pocket size toys, noisy dog toys, indoor dog toys, dog toys that have real sheepskin & fur, and tug toys that you can put food and dog treats inside. We have personally used many of these toys for several years, for merely general play and as motivational tools in agility training.

The majority of the products come from Genuine Dog Gear, as they are actually the world's largest manufacturer of motivational dog training toys. All of their products are 100% American made, durable, and machine washable. They are also guaranteed drip and drool resistant too!

You'll find dog training tug toys for every purpose, every breed, and size of dog here. For agility there are pocket sized toys, big dog toys, motivational training tugs, ball toys, and real fur toys are among your choices. Whether your dog goes for braided rabbit toys, buffalo bungee toys or tennis ball toys, you'll find the go fast toy your flyball dog wants right here. Training with play rewards is the fastest route to reliable and responsive dog performance. Go out toys and retriever toys are among our popular and durable training products for obedience training.

There are over 50 different toys in 6 different categories including food pocket toys and jackpot toys.

Genuine Dog Gear also has an EZ All-in-One Head Halter & Leash combo for those dogs who need extra control, as a halter is an essential and humane method for gaining that advantage.

It is important to understand that there are motivational toys for dogs that are sight, bite, sound or smell motivated. All dogs are stimulated by their senses and that will help you excite your dog to work and play with you. Click here to learn more about the importance of stimulating the different senses.