Curious Goat Dog & Cat Treats - 100% Pure Goat Cheese
Purchases help fund Comparative Oncology Research and Cancer Treatment Grants for Working Dogs 

Online or via pickup, we provide organic, eco-friendly, and chemical-free products, plus items to beautify your home and spirit. As a small volunteer-run nonprofit, we can't compete with the pricing at large stores. However, having no paid staff allows all our net proceeds to fund cancer research and  treatment for working dogs. Sit, stay & shop for what truly matters — health, home, happiness and healing.



We believe that health issues arise from all of the heavy processing and harmful insecticides and chemical fertilizers in foods.

At the Land of PureGold we only carry those treats that we would allow our own dogs to eat, such as this natural and free-range one. For that reason, the cost may be somewhat higher. But, honestly, we believe our furkids are more than worth it. They have such a limited life span with us as it is, so we figure it is the least we can do to try and extend it by providing only the best.

We love the use of this treat as a natural and fabulous probiotic source. Just one to two a of day serves as a wonderful supplement.

No refrigeration needed (as that merely  draws moisture and condensation.)

Price: $9.95. Net Wt. 4oz.

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