Bubba Rose Organic Personalized Cakes & Dog Treat Cookbook Kit
Purchases help fund Comparative Oncology Research and Cancer Treatment Grants for Working Dogs 

Online or via pickup, we provide organic, eco-friendly, and chemical-free products, plus items to beautify your home and spirit. As a small volunteer-run nonprofit, we can't compete with the pricing at large stores. However, having no paid staff allows all our net proceeds to fund cancer research and  treatment for working dogs. Sit, stay & shop for what truly matters — health, home, happiness and healing.



The Bubba Rose Biscuit Company was founded by Jessica Disbrow Talley and Eric Talley in 2006 out of their desire to provide healthy, preservative-free dog treats made with organic and natural ingredients, and free of wheat, corn and soy. Products are handmade in small batches in their NJ bakery using locally sourced human grade U.S. ingredients. Their products are free of chemicals, sugar, salt, artificial flavors, colors and fillers. Just key ingredients for great tasting treats.

When considering what to give your dog, you need to base this on his or her individual needs. As your dog's guardian, it is your responsibility to know and understand about your dog's health, age, activity level, and nutrition requirements. In 2006, the National Resource Council published the wonderful and concise, user-friendly article, "Your Dog's Nutritional Needs: A Science-Based Guide for Pet Owners". Print out a copy for yourself to calculate your dog's daily protein, fat, and nutritional requirements.

Every dog surely deserves a treat — wholesome & healthy, human-grade organic ones, that is. Treats with NO added sugar, salt, chemicals, artificial flavors or excitotoxins. Treats that DO NOT contain potential allergens such as corn, soy, and wheat products.


Personalized Special Occasion Carrot Peanut Butter Cakes
These scrumptious, soft carrot peanut butter cakes are decorated with a hard yogurt coating and surrounded by dog biscuits. They are, of course, loved by dogs of all sizes.

It is the perfect size cake for between 2 and 3 dogs, as you don't want to go overboard when giving your dog a special gourmet treat such as this one.

The cakes below show our very own Alfie's 11 and 13-year-old celebration cakes. We had them frozen for a couple of weeks and they thawed out beautifully. And, while the cakes are small, they are quite dense, packing more than you would imagine. Alfie will be getting cake for a few days since he had no other dudes that were sharing the wealth. Most folks order these cakes to celebrate birthdays. However, you can order a cake to celebrate your dog earning a dog title or as a special treat after dealing with a medical setback, etc. 


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Inscription: up to 24 letters
(Incl. special comments/instructions)



The cakes measure 4.5" wide x 2.25" high.

Your cake may be customized with a name and paw prints & bones, or Happy Birthday and a name with a few paw prints and bones. Or, it can be anything you like, as long as it does not go over 24 letters. Please keep in mind that this is a small cake, and that it can't fit too much on it. As you can see by the sample, it does well with Happy Birthday and a name.

Each cake comes in its own white cake box with bakery twine, and a storage sheet explaining how to keep it, etc.

Organic Carrots, Organic Oat Flour, Natural Local Wildflower Honey, All Natural Peanut Butter, Organic Cage-free Eggs, Peanut Oil, Baking Powder, Cinnamon, Pure Vanilla Extract, Baking Soda, Carob and/or Yogurt Coating.


Crude Protein
6% min
Crude Fat
11% min
Crude Fiber
4% max
10% min

We offer several color options to choose from. Cakes can come in 4 colors: Carob, White, Blue, and Pink. There are also 6 lettering coloring options to choose from. They are: Carob with blue details, Carob with pink details, White, Blue, and Pink.

The Bubba Rose standard has always been "Happy Birthday" on a white cake with carob lettering. That is the one we like best as well. This is the one we recommend ordering and keeping on hand in your freezer for those special occasions. Price: $25.00 each.


Why Go Organic
Although higher costs are the initial objection to going organic, people are essentially unaware of the critical differences between organic & non-organic products. In a March 2006 article on produce losing vitamins and minerals over the past 50 years, agriculture and nutrition tradeoffs are detailed. "The fruits and vegetables that our parents ate when they were growing up were more nutritious than the ones we'll serve our children tonight. As we have substituted chemical fertilizers, pesticides and monoculture farming for the natural cycling of nutrients and on-farm biodiversity, we have lessened the nutritional value of our produce."

When you eat non-organic yams, for example, you ingest the pesticide botran along with fungicides imazilil, benomyl, and thiabenzadole. These substances are cancer causing and sources of immune system damage. They cannot be removed by peeling and are used to allow longer shelf life, not fresher or safer food. The shelf life for non-organic yams, because of the application of these harmful chemicals, is a huge 36 months. That means, yams you may be buying are not only questionable with respect to toxicity, they are lower in nutrients due to the amount of time waiting for distribution. Organic yams, which do not utilize such pesticides or fungicides, have a shelf life of only 9 months. Organic produce tastes better, reduces pesticide exposure & contains 30% higher levels of antioxidants.

Learn loads more at our Organic Foods or Bust page.